share my Steps – Pedometer & Step Counter for iPhone

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It’s all about motivation!

Share your steps and watch up to 7 of your most motivated friends with one tap.

Uses the built in iPhone step counter. A single screen shows your current step summary along with your friends by day, week, month, or year. Simply open the app and your step summary is updated and sent to the iCloud where your friends can access it with a user name of your choice.


The app supports step counters on iPhone models 5S and above.

The internal iPhone step counter saves data for the last seven days. By opening the “share my Steps” app at least once a week you will make sure all your iPhone steps are counted.

Your step summary is stored in a public iCloud database and available to any “share my Steps” user by entering your chosen “share my Steps” user name. Only your step summary and “share my Steps” user name are collected and stored. No other information is collected by the app.